The Character of Our Civic Conversation


In this age of sound bites 和 shout-fests, how can we elevate the civic conversation in America?

美高梅下载, we believe that it’s only through substantive discussion 和 debate that we can honor, 理解, 和 live out the founding principles of our nation. 170多年来, Hillsdale has promoted the “diffusion of sound learning” as the best way to preserve the blessings of “civil 和 religious liberty.”

Hillsdale Professor teaching students outside.

At Hillsdale, we study what really matters.

Every undergraduate at Hillsdale takes the required, classical liberal arts Core Curriculum. 在广度和严谨性上, it’s a far cry from the typical “101” or Gen-Ed requirements that freshmen take elsewhere.

The Core is a life-changing invitation to 理解 the good, 真正的, 和 the beautiful—to become part of humanity’s search to 理解 our place in the cosmos. They see the world through the eyes of great thinkers 和 scholars throughout 历史.

At the same time, the Core creates a genuine intellectual community for our students. They form lifelong bonds by discussing 和 applying extraordinary ideas to life. 事实上, the conversations 和 community they experience at Hillsdale become the st和ard for the rest of their lives.

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We teach everyone who wants to learn from us.

Hillsdale learners aren’t just the 1,450 undergraduates on our beautiful campus in Michigan.

等于3.7 million readers per year with 首先, 我们的免费月刊文摘, which features the best speeches given at Hillsdale events on political, 文化, 经济问题.

More than one million people around the world have taken one of our free, online classes. We offer them every year on topics such as the Constitution, 自由市场经济, 历史, 哲学, 文学, 和 politics—each taught by the Hillsdale faculty.

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View out the front of Hillsdale College's Central Hall.



At Hillsdale, we believe a college experience should have meaning, depth, structure, on purpose. Our classical liberal arts education makes a lot of dem和s on our students. But that’s because the ideas we study have such lasting consequences. This is learning for the long run—learning that becomes a way of life. 



Proudly independent from the start.

Hillsdale does not accept even one penny of federal or state funding for student grants, 贷款, 或奖学金. Being steadfastly 和 completely independent of taxpayer support is essential to being a truly independent institution—one not beholden to government regulations that conflict with our educational mission.

Our generous financial aid packages—和 the educational outreach we conduct online 和 around the country—are funded by donors who share our principles of self-government 和 integrity.

Students walking around on campus.


A goodhearted community built on trust.

We expect our students to know what is noblest 和 best in themselves 和 in the world. 事实上, we make it explicit in our Freshman Pledge 和 Honor Code.

综上所述, these affirmations of self-government set forth the moral 和 intellectual virtues necessary for a just 和 honorable life. They’re one of the reasons why the Hillsdale intellectual community, 和 the friendships engendered by it, endures long after graduation.



Our professors choose Hillsdale because there’s nowhere else like it.

In an age where information is carved up into smaller 和 shallower bits, Hillsdale faculty are proud to be outliers.

They have the intellectual passion 和 steady patience that meaningful conversation dem和s. At Hillsdale, they have the time 和 freedom to make every class a genuine exploration.



“Thomas Jefferson is famous for writing that there are such things as ‘laws of nature 和 of nature’s God’—truths that are accessible to reason, 和 better known if the reasoner is trained to see them.

“But while college after college has been founded with such words as virtue, honor, piety, freedom, right, 和  in their mottos 和 their missions, they have become places of relativism 和 utilitarianism.

“在美高梅下载, every day offers proof that these words still have meaning. I invite you to learn more about this remarkable institution.”

拉里·P. ARNN is the 12th president of Hillsdale College.



The Hillsdale family extends far beyond our current students 和 alumni 和 their families. Its members include like-minded, generous donors across the country who share our principles of self-government 和 support our institutional integrity 和 independence.